I am a certified English as a Second Language educator in New Jersey. I have worked with both ELL children and adults from all over the globe.  Growing up in a bilingual household has inspired my admiration of language and culture. Hearing the intimate stories of other people from different countries has humbly expanded my perception on life as a human. 


My mission as a multicultural author and advocate is to promote culturally responsive pedagogy in schools.  I also want to reveal this passion to children as they behold unlimited curiosity about each other and the world around them. 




My First Book


  • "I am an English-Language Learner: The Real and Unique Stories of Immigrant Children in America"

  • FALL 2019

  • When children come to the United States from other countries and need to learn English, they become English language learners. I Am an English-Language Learner (click title to order your COPY) introduces eight children from various countries who are learning English in their new homes. They share what they miss about their native countries, how they feel about living in the United States, and what they dream of doing. Each one has a new story and unique journey, helping everyone understand that the best education comes from learning about one another. This children’s book introduces young readers to new customs and cultures through the stories of students who are learning English as a second language.


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