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  • Daily Morning Greetings: Students greet each other by using eye contact, addressing classmates' names correctly, and asking a friendly question.

  • Multilingual Greeting Chart:  Create a classroom chart displaying "Hello" in the different languages spoken by your students as a reference during morning greetings.

  • Compare/Contrast Characters: Discuss and demonstrate how the characters are the same and different personally and culturally.

  • Character Connections: Students discuss and demonstrate how they relate and connect with a character. 

  • Play Performance: Assemble a classroom play based on the characters' stories in the book.

  • Perspective Journals: Pick a character from the book and write a journal entry about something they would write about knowing their interests. Extension- Students share a personal story with a partner.  The listening partner writes a story inspired based on what their friend shares.  Students learn to make positive connections with one another.

  • Affectionate Advice: Give friendly advice to a character welcoming them to their new school and country. 

  • Character Aspirations Tour Guide: Students plan a detailed day trip as a tour guide based on a character's American aspirations.

  • The First Return Home: Describe a character's first American experience with friends and family back in their native country.

  • Powerful Predictions:  Predict how the characters will be as adults in America.

  • Country Discovery Exchange: Students are partnered with a friend from another country and organize a research project about their friend's country and culture. The partner is used as an expert guide throughout the research. Students present their information alongside their partner.

  • Unfamiliar Country Presentations-Terrific Teamwork Talents:  Students coordinate a group research project about an unfamiliar country employing their natural talents to present their discoveries (artistic, linguistic, musical, kinaesthetic, technological, etc.)

  • Classroom Cultural Book: Craft a classroom book to reflect all the students and cultures in your class.

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