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Melissa grew up in a bilingual household filled with music, writing, cooking, playing, and laughter. She is a children’s author and certified as an ESL educator in New Jersey. Her hope is to inspire our youth to explore their natural creative channels to enhance their everyday life. Her favorite things to do are write poetry and music, host gatherings, and be in nature.  Melissa is the author of I am an English Language Learner: The Real and Unique Stories of Immigrant Children in America" and  "Imagine Song: A Story about the Kindred Connection between a Child, an Insturment, and an Imagination."

Imagine Song

Fall 2022

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A heartfelt and inspiring story about a young girl named Melody who has been awakened by the gift of song writing. She is formally being taught how to play piano, but never knew her instinctive and natural ability to write her own music until it ACCIDENTALLY happened one day! After Melody was left with no choice but to play the music that stirred in her heart, she became internally illuminated as her music came alive with a spark of curiosity and creativity. Melody's music transported her to a new place in her mind and vibrant imagination. Now, Melody has the courage to share her unique songwriting gift with the world.

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All around the world, people speak, read, and write in many different languages. Some languages have different alphabet systems, and others make sounds that don't exist in English. Not only can our languages be different, but so can the ways we dress, eat, and greet others. When children come to the United States from other countries and need to learn English, they become English language learners. I Am an English-Language Learner introduces eight children from various countries who are learning English in their new homes. They share what they miss about their native countries, how they feel about living in the United States, and what they dream of doing. Each one has a new story and unique journey, helping everyone understand that the best education comes from learning about one another. This children's book introduces young readers to new customs and cultures through the stories of students who are learning English as a second language.

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